NYCDOE Programs at High Exposure

Looking for a team building activity for your students?

High Exposure offers a rock climbing,obstacle training and team building games to create both physical and cognitive challenges.

Our program promotes leadership, team-building, self-discovery and it is  great vehicle for supporting individual learning.

High Exposure’s team experiences help develop cooperation,collaboration, and community spirit.

We offer a personally designed curriculum and special program rates for NYCDOE  primary, middle and high school students.

Faculty off sites for professional development is also available with a lunch room and AV.

Our program (9:30 AM-1:30 PM) is designed to rotate students through a variety of challenge and skill building stations that are designed to be fun and will benefit participants in the following ways:

High Exposure is a NYCDOE vendor partner.


·       Support the NYCDOE mission of a Strong Schools, Strong Communities environment that does not support any form of mean-spirited behaviors (physically,emotionally, and intellectually)

·       Increase performance tasks as well as enhance analytical and thinking skills through active experiential models of education

·       Deliver an interactive program designed to additionally support the five social emotional learning (SEL) competencies: self-awareness, social-awareness,responsible decision making, self-management, relationship skills

·       Develop a greater sense of trust and support among all school community members (students and faculty)

·       A guaranteed indoor site which is available year-round (M-F) & also within 40 minutes to most NYCDOE schools

For more information and book a date please call: (201) 768-8600 or email at: